DESI is new range of authentic meal kits which make it easy to create delicious Indian food at home.


Our mission is to enable you to create the fresh, exotic flavours of India in your kitchen. Our recipes taste better and are healthier than a take-away and have a low salt content and contain absolutely no bulking agents or fillers.

  • DESI gourmet meal kits contain everything you need to bring the true taste of Indian cuisine to your table in just 20 – 30  minutes. Each kit contains sauteed onion, garlic and ginger pastes plus authentic spice packs so there’s no need to chop anything but the main ingredient – whether you choose to add your own chicken, lamb, prawns or vegetables.
  • DESI  gourmet meal kits have been developed in conjunction with expert Indian chefs and all ingredients are sourced in India and processed in the brand’s Indian factory.
  • DESI gourmet meal kits contain no added sugar, are gluten free, low in fat and have a low salt content. They are all certified by The Vegetarian Society.
  • DESI gourmet meal kits are all quick and easy to prepare

Quickly make a Chicken Bhuna

All of our meal kits have been developed with the following three factors in mind:


We believe that delicious Indian food does not need to be unhealthy but should never compromise on flavour. We add no sugar whatsoever to any of our recipes as is traditional in Indian cooking. We also keep our salt content low and add absolutely no bulking agents or fillers. Why choose a takeaway when you can have a healthier and tastier alternative right in your own home?


Our meal kits have been developed by expert Indian chefs and truly reflect the fresh, delicious food that is eaten and loved in India. We buy our onions from the market in Lasalgon, with its rolling plains of rich fertile soil that produces the very best tomatoes, onions and vegetables. Our ginger, garlic and spices also come from the region’s farmers. All our meal kits are produced in our factories in Nashik, India. We believe that only by developing, sourcing and producing right in the heart of India can we bring a truly authentic taste of India into your kitchen.

We chose our brand name because this authenticity is exactly how we go about creating all of our products. DESI is Indian for traditional or native.


We know that today’s families are often short of time. We designed our kits to make preparation of a high-quality meal so quick and easy that it can be on the table within less than 30 minutes, with just 15-20 minutes of actual preparation time.
The ingredients are already measured out for you, you don’t even need to chop up your onion, garlic or ginger as they are ready prepared in an easy-to-use sachet.

Each product has a simple to follow preparation guide, find out how to easily prepare the dish of your choice.