Sugar Content

Sugar in Curry

Eating too much added sugar is linked to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. But, at the moment, it can be very difficult and expensive to stick to a low sugar or sugar-free diet.

DESI Gourmet is certified by Sugarwise, the certification authority for sugar claims made by the food manufacturing and food service sectors with retail and brand support. The Sugarwise logo is on consumer products to assist consumers to make healthier food choices, referencing World Health Organisation guidelines with respect to ‘free sugars’.

The Sugarwise label is a guarantee that a product is low in free sugars and “better for you” from a sugars perspective than a similar product would be.
Not all Indian Sauces have as little sugar per 100g as DESI does. It would make sense for you to look carefully at the nutrition details before you buy!