Why the name DESI?
“DESI” is Indian for traditional or native. We chose our brand name because this is exactly how we go about creating all of our products with everything sourced and produced in the heart of India.

How authentic are DESI meal kits?
We buy our onions from the market in Lasalgon, with rolling plains of rich fertile soil that produces the very best tomatoes, onions and vegetables. Our ginger, garlic and spice mixes also come from the region’s farmers. Our mission is to enable you to create the fresh, exotic flavours of India in your kitchen.

Are the meal kits healthy?
We have worked hard to make sure that as well as being delicious, our meal kits are as good for you as it’s possible to make a curry.

Do the meal kits contain any added sugar?
We use no added sugar in any of our recipes, because we know that traditional Indian cooking rarely used sugar… so why would we? The sweetness in our curry sauce kits comes from selecting the right onions and sauteing them over a long period in the traditional way.

Do the meal kits have a high salt content?
Some other sauces use salt as a flavour enhancer. We keep our salt content low by using spices, garlic and ginger to add flavour to our dishes.

Are the meal kits gluten free?
All our meal kits are gluten free and suitable for a gluten free diet.

Are the meal kits suitable for vegetarians?
All our meal kits are certified as ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’. Simply use any vegetables or pulses to create your favourite DESI curry.

Do the meal kits contain any bulking agents or fillers?
All of our meal kits are completely free from the bulking agents and fillers that are used by some brands.

How convenient are the meal kits?
We know that today’s families are often short of time. We designed our kits to make preparation of a high-quality authentic meal so quick and easy that it can be on the table within less than 30 minutes, with just 5-10 minutes of actual preparation time.

Do I have to weigh out any ingredients?
The key ingredients are already measured out for you, you don’t even need to chop up your onion, garlic or ginger as they are ready prepared in a vacuum-sealed packet. Each product has a simple to follow preparation guide.

Are the meal kits suitable for children?
Yes all the meal kits are suitable for children, my 3 year old loves them. You can tailor the meal kits to individual taste buds by adding yoghurt or cream for the younger curry enthusiast.

Do all meats fit all of the meal kits?
Yes, traditionally you may think of a Lamb Rogan Josh, but the Rogan Josh meal kit also works extremely well with chicken, beef, pork and fish. In fact you can choose almost any meat variety with any of our sauce kits. Or of course just have a vegetable or paneer alternative.

Do I have to follow the recipe recommend with the meal kit?
Unlike some of our competitors , you can go totally free style, add what you like and create the curry of your dreams. The main components of any curry are the onion (slowly cooked), the ginger, garlic and spices all of which are supplied in the meal kit. After that do what you like and enjoy.

Can you use the meal kits in a slow cooker?
Yes you can, we have created many a delicious meal in a slow cooker.

Do I have to share my DESI meal kit?
That depends on your appetite! They do feed four people but once you have cooked the meal kit it is yours to do as your please…to share or not to share.

Do I have to buy Chicken for my curry?
Yes you do, the meal kits do not come with any protein so buy what you prefer and enjoy.

Can I buy a set of DESI meal kits for my family or friends?
Yes of course, please just let us know their address when you order and we will happily send the meal kits to them to enjoy on your behalf.

Where can we buy them?
The meal kits are currently available to buy at http://www.desi-gourmet.com/ and a number of independent retailers.